Unstable paper


The new material I have created called unstable paper, a short-lived paper which is made to be ended in a very poetic way — washing away with water. As an inspiring new material for graphic designers, It shows that even things we think are stable could be unstable in certain circumstances, for example, designs.

The paper was made from natural ingredient together with soap liquids. After a lengthy drying process in plastic mould, the paper could be fully pealed off and appear to be as real as normal paper. Any design on this paper could disappear, by applying different types(water-based or oil-based) of ink on this paper, content could be isolated from its original medium, or disappeared together with it. Unstable paper explores the relationship between message and medium. As we always think that medium and content are bond together, this gives us new insight into the relationships between them. Hopefully this paper could serve as an inspiring new material for graphic designers to play, experiment and reconstruct their work.

↳ Identity design for Unstable paper

Unstable paper & logo stamp

In addition, I created a website for this new material which is shareable and accessible to everyone.

↳ The website www.unstablepaper.com is coming soon

Category: Materialization, identity design, web design, 2018