The cone
A project for exhibition
"A pen of all work"


After visiting exhibition "A pen of all work" of Raymond pettibon. I was assigned to create a digital product which shows my interpretation of Pettibon's work and an annoucing poster for this exhibition. Check the exhibition here

Digital product: An animation

Raymond's work has smooth narrative and sharp criticism, thus in this animation, I used "cone" as a metaphor, a thing both has smooth round shape and sharp corner.

The animation was projected on this installation.

Poster design

The poster is concentrated on mainly materials he used, ink and brush. He always use the same, simple and singular materials to convey multiple themes. Thus in my poster, I exaggerated the ink within brush, and the road signboard has different directions and names which present his various topics. In artist world, the ink occupies a large proportion, it leads me to his themes, brings me in his world.

Category: Poster design, Animation design, installation, 2017