Hybrid publication


Hybrid publication made of a sci-fi novel 'Invisible planet' and 'Folding Beijing', written by Hao Jingfang. Design based on my own editorial statment, visualized both in a digital and analog way.

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Editorial statement:
Being a designer means that you take proper position, from time to time, to look at materials in hands wisely. This book itself is an embodiment of how I, being familiar with both languages, look at the original scripts and interpret it with my own sense. I observed the different ways the authors have been using these two languages(when speaking about the same content)and found them intriguing. Therefore I created my own secret “spaces” in-between pages of the book to leave my own commentaries as marks that prove my visit on this editorial planet. Pages are designed to be split in half so that readers can easily find their own pace and rhythm while reading and comparing.

Category: Book design, web design, hybrid publishing, 2018