A bedroom is rich with evidence about a person. As this space, is recognized as the most private place, the trace and appearance of elements in one’s bedroom would be unique and substantial. As a designer, I always intrigued by the potential of ordinary things. Therefore I documented my activities by tracking how my bedroom changes through time.

In this project, through the process of researching my own bedroom, I have created a novel recording and analytical pattern. It is able to reveal even a subtle transition of the objects in this book. The order of chapters will guide people to experience a room from abstract to tangible, from imaginative to realistic.

I am giving shapes to the more mundane aspects of the my lives. To think beyond, it provided opportunities to get to know ourselves from a different perspective, which you may not notice. Hopefully, this publication could serve not only as a new way that you observe yourself, but also an inspiring, open-minded method that brings everyone new insights from ordinary objects.

↳ Database -- Changes in my room during 35days

Category: Data design, Book design, 2018